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Release Q1 2018. it is obvious there is a large demand for AST tokens as the AirSwap solution gathered interest from.

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The ICO craze, which has spawned hundreds of flashy new coins,.

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AirSwap Introduces Conversational. and cryptocurrency investor with a deep interest in the emerging industry of.

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Market place Update - Facebook Cryptocurrency, Binance Exchange Down, Airswap Whales, Mark Zuckerberg has expressed an interest in, integrating cryptocurrency.

AVT, the token underpinning the Aventus Protocol, is one of the first tokens to be listed on the network. designed to drive both market makers and takers into many.

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An overview of the development and GitHub activity for Airswap (AST) open source cryptocurrency.

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GATCOIN is a distributed retail shopping platform operating on high-speed super large ledgers.Team assembled. Pigzbe App launched at close of ICO October 2018.

AirSwap (AST) is a crypto that seeks to give users an easy peer-to-peer trading platform at no trading fees.

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AirSwap is rolling out some pro tools to attract institutional investors to its decentralized exchange (DEX) for ethereum tokens.ICO starts on 15th APRIL 2018. 9% BONUS. even we have same feeling but that is with the interest of customers,.

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AirSwap is a peer-to-peer trading exchange for tokens that uses a.

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Maggie Hsu, head of Business Development and Partnerships for AirSwap, speaks at Blockfin.

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The moment you acquire BitConnect Coin it becomes an interest bearing asset with Up to 120%.Learn more about the AST initial coin offering (ICO) at MarketBeat.List of ICOs and Token Sales by AirSwap Token Sale: The engine of the new token economy.

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Get detailed and Real-Time informations about AirSwap AST Live Charts AirSwap Price Datacoinz.com: The Trusted and Cryptocurrency Expert.Are you thinking about adding AirSwap (AST) to your cryptocurrency portfolio.The number of digital assets on Ethereum over the past twelve months has increased aggressively as more and more use cases are implemented as smart contracts.AirSwap is a cryptocurrency that is identified by the symbol AST.

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