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Files that are marked as Read Only might be treated as read only by some applications but there is no. (notice that Explorer will quite happily let you delete them).While writing some contents into a file through code, you need to check whether the file is already exist and is read only.

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The file I am trying to delete is on a usb stick. using properties to change out of RO will not change.

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For example, is you open a file with System.IO.StreamReader, the file will be opened as read-only and by default it will be without shared access, so the same file.Editing a read-only file in Linux is easy when you know how. Open the read-only file and paste the contents into a blank gedit.

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Surely, read-only excel file could prevent accidental changes on it.You can easily lock or unlock Excel files on your Mac. Set or clear read-only status.

Unlocker is a software which helps to terminate a programme.

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I need to remove read-only attributes of all files under a directory.

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All I want is to uncheck the read only box an. private void.